STEAM2 Academy sessions are focused on:
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Music

Last summer we launched soil to space! Check out our Cubes in Space Launch! at STEAM2 Academy News!

We're offering our Saturday Science class in November and enrollment is currently underway!

Upcoming FREE sessions are offered at the following libraries:

Wednesday, November 25, 2pm, San Carlos Library, Animal Science

Tuesday, December 8, 3pm, North University Community Library, Science of Sleigh

Contact Kimberly Mann Bruch to establish STEAM2 Academy sessions at your education site.

We work with an array of collaborators to utilize curriculum and equipment developed in conjunction with NASA California Space Grant Consortium (CSGC), the National Science Foundation funded High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN), and the National Park Service Sea to Shining Sea (StSS).

The STEAM2 Academy focuses efforts at the City of San Diego's Ocean Air Recreation Center. This summer, we will feature a series of week-long summer camps for Grades K-3; topics include space and rocket science, chemistry and geology, and botany and entomology.

Additional summer sessions will be offered through the City of San Diego Public Libraries System via their Summer Reading Program; STEAM2 Academy activities are held in branch community rooms and allow library patrons to participate in hands-on art, music, science and technology projects.

Current classes are described in our Classes section. If you are interested in bringing one of these sessions to your education site, contact Kimberly Mann Bruch at 858-336-0053.

The STEAM2 Academy's Space Science sessions provide students a glimpse at the life of astronomers by showing them how to use a simple telescope and helping them construct a model of the solar system. The in-class fieldtrip features a virtual exploration of the retired space shuttle Endeavor, which is housed at the California Science Center.

Aerospace Engineering and Rocket Science sessions focus on hands-on rocketry, parachutes, and activities involving the Mars Curiosity. Students are able to blast off a rocket with baking soda and vinegar, design and build a simple parachute for Mars exploration landings, and talk with an aerospace engineer via Skype. Additional opportunities include an invitation to model rocket launches sponsored by the San Diego Rocket Club.

STEAM2 Academy Botany and Entomology sessions include hands-on planting activities that provide children with opportunities to learn basic botany and record the process of growth from seedling to flower. The students illustrate their findings and also use field science tools to learn more about botany.

Specifically, they use soil and water sensors attached to a data logger to learn about the pH of the soil and water that allows for the best growing environment. The entomology portion of the session encourages students to experiment with magnifying glasses on slides containing real specimen and then they create an illustration regarding the particular insect that they examined during the class.

STEAM2 Academy Chemistry and Geology sessions includes building one of the world's greatest geologic wonders: a volcano! Students also conduct some fun chemistry experiments such as concocting tie-dye colors for shirts, testing out some spa science (such as bubbles, bath salts, etc!), and engineering plaster molds for mixing and molding plaster art.

The STEAM2 Academy utilizes curriculum, hands-on activities, and equipment developed in conjunction with the NASA California Space Grant Consortium (CSGC), the National Science Foundation funded High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN), and the National Park Service Sea to Shining Sea (StSS).

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